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The iconic 80's Drum Synth, rebuilt for the 21st Century

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Expertly sampled, faithfully recreated
 Modern software
workflow and
mixing environment...
...circuit bent
for expanded

The Iconic V is a Kontakt version of the most recognisable drum synth of the 1980s. 


Boasting eight fully tweakable drum and cymbal modules, a comprehensive mixer and onboard effects, this drum synthesizer does both classic, and contemporary with ease. Recreate the sonic footprints of great artists like Duran Duran, Howard Jones and Naked Eyes, or use the new circuit bent parameters and tone-shaping effects to craft an entirely original sound.

Dave Tozer

Watch Grammy Award-winning Songwriter and Producer, Dave Tozer,

create an 80's-style figure using the Iconic V

Dave helped design the Iconic V feature set and user interface, combing a classic console-style workflow with modern features, like Target Mode, output routing and a full Presets menu.

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The Instrument Panel

The Iconic V comes with eight drum and cymbal modules, each of which can be tweaked to achieve an incredibly broad range of sounds.


Drum design using the faithfully recreated controls of the original unit, or explore the possibilities of our additional circuit bent parameters, built-in Presets loader, Target Mode and front-panel mixing features (volume, pan and effects sends/returns).

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The Mixer Panel

Balance your percussive elements with Iconic V’s in-built mixer.

Tweak sound further with per channel distortion, compression, transient shaping, EQ, high- and low-pass filters, and tape saturation.


Send each element to delay and reverb auxiliary channels and create a sense of space with authentic, 80’s-era impulse responses, custom-made by Numerical Sound.

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Full Feature List
  • Eight original drum and cymbal modules painstakingly recreated: Bass, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3 and the ultra rare Hi-Hat, Cymbal 1 and Cymbal 2

  • Comprehensive drum synthesis controls unique to each drum type, and faithful to the original

  • Additional circuit bending controls that go beyond the original unit – introduce  FM to the snare or eliminate it completely, adjust filter resonance, ‘click defeat’ control to exaggerate or completely eliminate tone-embedded click sound

  • Full-featured mixer with Channel and Mix Bus FX (4 drive types, compression, transient shaping, HP and LP filters, 4-band British-style EQ and tape saturation)

  • Channel and Mix Bus delay and reverb sends for full-featured delay and convolution reverb with authentic, custom-made 80’s-era impulse responses

  • Achieve instant and precise drum tuning, or play a single drum across your keyboard with Target Mode

  • Velocity Curve and Fixed Velocity control

  • 64 output buses to route each element to its own channel in your DAW

  • NKS compatible for easy integration with Native Instruments Maschine and Komplete Kontrol studio controllers

  • Uses Native Access download and authorization tool for easy installation on your Mac or PC

* Licensed for both Kontakt 6 .7 and the Free Kontakt Player 6.7 (purchase of Kontakt not required)

Iconic V Tutorial
Iconic V Manual (PDF)
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