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The first truly faithful software homage to the most iconic drum synthesizer of the 1980's.  Users will immediately recognize the sound of this unit as it defined Pop music of that decade.  The Iconic V accurately captures the sonics of the analog unit, but also features expanded functionality, circuit-bending capabilities and a full mixing environment that includes channel and mix bus FX chains and full-featured delay and reverb with custom-made, era-specific impulse responses.
The Iconic Syndrum is based on the 1976 Syndrum, the world's first commercially available drum synthesizer, but with added effects and expanded functionality.  It's a rare and coveted 4-channel analog drum synth with rich analog tone and unique tone-shaping capabilities that laid the groundwork for all drum synths to follow.  Also included is a separate all-original keyboard synthesizer with classic synth functionality and built-in send FX.
In 1978, Toyo Gakki Corp. produced 'Japan's answer' to the Syndrum with the Ult-Sound DS-4.  The DS-4 is similar to the Syndrum in its 4-channel layout and functionality, but is also soughtafter for its unique sonic footprint.  Iconic Instruments presents the DS-4 in virtual form with added effects and expanded functionality.  The Iconic DS-4 is paired with a separate all-original keyboard synthesizer version that features classic synth functionality with built-in send effects.
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The Iconic Clap Trap is based off of the very first analog clap synthesizer, the ultra-rare 1979 Clap Trap.  The Clap Trap was inspired by 70's Disco recordings, which ubiquitously featured handclaps on the 2 and 4 of every bar (especially in the chorus).  The unit became well-known in its own right in the early 80's, appearing in many Pop and New Wave recordings.
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