Iconic Instruments is a New York-based developer of sample libraries/virtual instruments for Kontakt.  Our mission is to preserve the sounds of some of the most historically significant (and deteriorating) instruments of the 20th Century in the most detailed and dynamic ways possible.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Our products are carefully developed using a combination of sampling and modeling to replicate both the character and playability of the original instruments.  We employ both modern and era-specific recording gear, combined with a range of different engineering techniques to create the most flexible virtual instruments on the market.


'first ever' Drum Synth Series

Introduced in the late 1970's, the Syndrum and the DS-4 were the very first dedicated drum synthesizers in history.  Using a combination of sampling and modeling, Iconic Instruments has created virtual versions that are faithful to the original units with some enhancements and expanded functionality. 


In addition, Iconic Instruments has spun off synthesizer versions of each using the original waveforms and synthesizer--specific functionality.


FREEBIE of the month...

The Clap Trap is an analog handclap synthesizer that was first introduced by Musicaid in 1979.  Later, the company became Simmons and manufactured the analog version until 1984, when it was discontinued in favor of the digital version. 

The Iconic Clap Trap is based off of the early Simmons analog version.  It's a surprisingly complicated analog synth that can produce anything from fairly organic, varied handclap sounds that fit nicely in a mix (very often better than real handclaps) to big, crashy 80's synth claps.  The Clap Trap was known to be used on tracks by The Human League and Throbbing Gristle.

Regularly $9, we are offering the Clap Trap for FREE in our store for a limited time.

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